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For those who don't know Isla Mujeres, it is a tiny Mexican Caribbean Island that is a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun. The island measures about four miles long by about half a mile wide. Absolutely peaceful and with wonderful beaches. Many who come to the island do so for the amazing diving experience, The main form of transport for visitors is a golf cart that can be rented by the day or week. But also, for a less expensive holiday, you can rent bicycles.


Everything moves at a slow pace and there is a very interesting Isla Mujeres property market, there are properties for sale from $300,000 USD to $12,000,000. There is a lot of expensive Isla Mujeres luxury real estate on the island but still something for everyone. When it comes to renting, young people can find a hostel-type property to rent for $50 per night or you can rent a luxury home for $2,000 plus a night.


Visitors tend to spend the evenings in the centre which is bustling with outdoor bars and restaurants, the atmosphere is great. Many people retire to the island for the winter and it is not difficult to see why; to be able to board a plane at minus 30 degrees and to step off a few hours later into a balmy 28 degrees must be wonderful.


The restaurants vary significantly, from simple taverns, and fish restaurants owned by local fishermen, where the fish is as fresh as you will find it anywhere in the world, to very expensive and luxury dining.


We sell and rent luxury Isla Mujeres homes on the southern end of the island, Punta Sur, which is the quiet part of the Island. Guests often spend the day relaxing by the pool and then make their way into the centre in the evenings to dine, stopping off at bars on the way to watch the impressive sunsets. For anyone who feels inclined to get up early in the morning, We are at the most southeastern point in Mexico, so an early riser can be the first person in Mexico to see the sunrise.


Our luxury Isla Mujeres real estate homes sell for in the order of $1,000,000 and rent for $300 plus per night, which makes them a holiday home and a very viable investment. We rent on average 40 weeks a year, which comes out at about over 90,000 per annum, less expenses. A larger return than is available almost anywhere else without taking considerable risks.


So when people buy a Luxury Isla Mujeres home it is rarely just for the occasional holiday, the owners take their holidays and rent the property the remainder of the time, making it a very sound investment.

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