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Isla Mujeres more popular than ever

isla mujeres playa norte

In the height of the season an extraordinary 30,000 people use Ultramar ferries which transport visitors to and from Isla Mujeres. There was a time when the only way to cross to Isla Mujeres was on one of the Magana boats that were fairly old held something like 50 people, ran fairly infrequently and were often almost empty.

So what has changed? Well there have been a lot of improvements to the Island, and the word has spread as to what a beautiful island it is, although the island has never lost it's original character and charm. It is so different from Cancun with it's high rise buildings and lets face it Cancun is often difficult to distinguish from many places in the United States.

This of course raises the question, if so many people are visiting Isla Mujeres, is the island becoming overcrowded? Well at times yes but this has little effect on those who buy or rent luxury Isla Mujeres real estate. This is because most of the day trippers arrive in the North of the Island and apart from those who rent a golf cart and take a trip around Isla Mujeres, they remain at that end of the island. By 4.30 to 5pm most of the day visitors have made their way back to Cancun just leaving those who live and are holidaying on the Island.

Of course many of those who visit Isla Mujeres for the day do so at weekends, so during the week there is plenty of room on the North Beach. For those who are not familiar with the Caribbean the sea temperature is not very different from that of relaxing in a a warm bath. Which make a refreshing difference from the temperatures in many parts of the world, where entering the sea can be quite a shock to the system and often makes us reluctant to venture in at all.

Those who buy Luxury Isla Mujeres real estate do so in Saj Bajo or Punta Sur which is as the name suggest at the opposite end of the island from where the visitors arrive. During the day they tend to relax by the pool, Punta Sur is very quiet and peaceful, and then in the evening make their way down to the town centre to dine in one of the wonderful variety of restaurants on offer.

So apart from the day visitors to Isla Mujeres why are so many investing in Isla Mujeres Real estate these days? The reasons vary somewhat from purchaser to purchaser but generally its the total peace and tranquillity of the Island, high rental returns if you chose to let your property when not using it personally, and soaring property values.

What is there not to like about Isla Mujeres real estate.

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