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isla mujeres quality built real estate

We have been been building luxury homes on Isla Mujeres for over sixteen years. Mexican building methods and the standards we build to a very different; we build to European standards, therefore avoiding many of the problems of damp and humidity that often emerge after a few years of building a property. Levels of humidity are extremely high on Isla Mujeres, often 90%. Another consideration when building here, is that salt levels are very high.

We install a damp proof course to reduce humidity, that is very unusual here, as is using hurricane proof glass, Mostly standard glass in installed and it hoped that there will not be a hurricane. That is what makes the difference between an Isla Mujeres home and a Isla Mujeres Luxury home.

We are in fact very lucky when it come to hurricanes there are very few Caribbean islands that have only had two hurricanes in the past thirty years. The last hurricane here was Wilmer twelve years ago, we lost some plants in the gardens but our properties were unscathed.

All our homes are offered on a turnkey basis, the furnishings and fittings are all of the highest standard. Virtually all the furnishing in our homes are hand made to order, using local craftsman, when a trade is not a available on Isla Mujeres we bring them in from other regions . Certain of our furnishing are made and shipped from Mérida; the home of high quality carpentry.

We are currently building at the tranquil residential area of Isla Mujeres of Garrafon/Punta Sur Each home has it's own lush landscaped gardens, private pool and spectacular sea views. Many people chose Isla Mujeres for their retirement home, because there is no crime here; you can safely walk around the streets at three or four in the morning with no fear. There are very few places in the world where you can say that.

Those who buy on Isla Mujeres as their future retirement home, often use the property for part of the year and rent it out the rest of the time, demand for rentals is very high; seven hundred to eight hundred Dollars a night in the high season.

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