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Visits to Isla Mujeres.

At peak times of the year up to thirty thousand visitors per day cross on the ferry to Isla Mujeres such is it's popularity. Fifteen years ago and more there weren't the facilities to transport so many people to the isla, nor the demand. There were very old ferries that held about fifty people abd very often they would run half empty.

Why has it changed so much? Well The island has changed a lot since those days and yet it hasn't been spoiled, the island remains as beautiful as ever. Completely different from Cancun with it's modern high rise buildings; going on holiday in Cancun is not a lot different from remaining in the United States, whereas Isla Mujeres is a different world.

At weekends the Island does get a little crowded as all the Mexican visitors arrive on the island but mainly they stay on or around the North Beach, which is a few minutes from the ferry terminal. So those who rent or own real estate, especially those who own luxury Isla Mujeres real estate, which is at the southern end of the island are unaffected. By 6 pm all the day trippers have gone again.

Most of the luxury isla Mujeres real Estate is at the Southern end of the island. Previously Saj Bajo was considered the most luxurious part of the island. Unfortunately because some of the very large homes there which were built in the 70's and 80's were sold off, developers took advantage of the very large plots and build hotels and large apartment blocks. The result is that Saj Bajo has become rather too busy and crowded.

The advantage that the Southern end of the island has, especially the protected part that overlooks the bay to Cancun, is that there is no more land available. As much as someone might want to develop or overdevelop this part of the island there is nowhere to do so.

During the day on this part of the island you get some golf carts passing but come early evening there is virtually no passing traffic.

The fact is that isla mujeres real estate is an excellent investment whichever part of the island you choose but the Southern part of the island is the area where it is destined to to go up in value in leaps and bounds.

Many of those who are not familiar with the Caribbean are often astonished at the sea temperature compared with their own country, it's very relaxing and not at all cold. Unlike many countries were entering the sea is rather like torture.

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