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Crime on Isla Mujeres.

What is the current crime level on Isla Mujeres? Non-existent is the answer and that is why some many Americans and Canadians buy Isla Mujeres homes. Unlike other parts of Mexico, Isla Mujeres has been virtually immune to crime. Where there has been crime, it has been disputes between those selling drugs on the Island; drugs are sold on Isla Mujeres as they are all over the world and always will be because there is a demand. These disputes which have now ceased did not affect tourists in any way, other than press reports of these incidents made people feel unnecessarily insecure. Of course, the press have no interest in printing or announcing good news, it has to be bad otherwise nobody reads it. Cancun, on the other hand, has seen an increasing crime rate over the past few years.

In 2019 there were some robberies on the island, there was an attempted robbery at one hotel and another hotel was robbed by a group on the same night, this did worry people because they thought it may be the start of a trend. Then something changed; The current President of Mexico introduced the National Guard, which is made up of Military, Navel and Federal Police, this is an organisation to be treated seriously, when they arrived on Isla Mujeres last year the little crime that there was stopped immediately. Making the Island one of the safest places in the world. Even Cancun that had a serious crime problem has seen a reduction in crime and has become safer, not safe but safer. Where you can get a true feel as to what is going on in Cancun is not from reading the press but from talking to taxi drivers, they know better than anyone.

Many regular visitors to Isla Mujeres know how safe the island is and are often the same people who buy the Isla Mujeres homes for sale. There is overall a problem now in finding high-quality luxury Isla Mujeres real estate, especially on the side of the island that overlooks the bay of Cancun. Most people want, if not front line, sea views and that is very difficult to find. There are properties in the Caribbean side of the island but that is not to everybody's taste. When they haven't been able to find the property they want, many have turned to buy land and having a property built but that is not without its problems; Mexico is not the US or Canada, with different rules regulations and laws, as many have found to their cost.

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