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Renting at Isla Mujeres

Rentals of prime Isla Mujeres homes have started to recover, bookings for the high season are down but building. We are still getting bookings that are subsequently cancelled. We guess this happens when those who have booked come into contact with someone gripped by Coronavirus hysteria, who tell them that they are putting their lives and those of their children in danger by travelling. In a recent study it was found that the chances of a child dying of Coronavirus were so tiny that it couldn't be calculated; too many 000's.

Scientists have also proven that wearing a mask damages the health of the user and definitely doesn't prevent anyone from contracting Coronavirus. Interestingly it has also emerged that social distancing rather than protecting anyone, actually damages the immune system. There is a cure for this mass hysteria, stop watching the news and research what is truly going on; we have always known that only bad news sells, why would now be any different?

When it comes to renting it makes a lot of sense for those who have bought an Isla Mujeres property perhaps for their future retirement, to rent the property in the meantime. What is not an option on Isla Mujeres is to leave the property empty for extended periods. Our properties in Punta Sur have landscaped gardens and swimming pools, which have to be constantly maintained. It is similar with the property itself; it needs to be regularly aired and once a week we remove all the mattresses and curtains and put them out in the sun, the island has up to 90% humidity. The properties and gardens also need to be regularly fumigated.

That is why renting makes so much sense because the rental income takes care of all that. Mundaca Real Estate will take of both the rentals and the maintenance of the property, so the property is taken care of and you will have surplus funds which will normally pay for all future holidays on the island and leave some money in the bank. Our luxury Isla Mujeres homes in Punta Sur rent for $500.00 US per night. Between six guests that work out at less than $85.00 US per night per person, not bad for spending a week in luxury. Zoetry in Saj Bajo charge up to $1,625 per night for two people in high season, it is inclusive but that only works if you want to eat at the same place for the duration of your stay

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