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When to go to the beach in Isla Mujeres

Those who rent or own Isla Mujeres real often do not experience some of the crowds that arrive on the beaches of Isla Mujeres at the weekend. That is because the luxury properties are mainly at the southern end of the Island. The centre of town and where the ferries arrive are at the Northern end of the Island. So those with Luxury Isla Mujeres homes tend to spend the weekends relaxing by the pool and in their garden and perhaps go into town in the evening when the island has started to empty again.

The large numbers who are are Mexican from various parts of Quintana Roo, arrive at Puerto Juarez in Cancun from 8 am and the ferries are filled to capacity, throughout the morning. The slight problem with this is that it is tourism but one that doesn’t bring any money to the island; they bring their food and drinks and spend the day on the beach, very often leaving their rubbish behind when they go. Leaving those tourists and property owners at the North end of the island with very little room on the beach.

The southern end of the island is very tranquil and peace

ful, of course, that is not to say that there is any part of the island that isn’t peaceful when it comes to crime, the island is virtually crime-free and there is no violent crime whatsoever; there are very few places in the world where you can say that.

During the week the normal tranquillity returns to the beaches and you can go to the beach and you will have no problem finding a quiet spot. There are some of these day-trippers on a Saturday but the main day when the real crowds arrive is Sunday.

At times those who are renting Isla Mujeres real estate at the southern end of the Island are unaware of just how many people are attempting to return to Cancun in the late afternoon and early evening and have arrived at the ferry terminal one hour before they need to arrive in Cancun to get their transport to the Airport for their flight home and have been shocked to find that the queue is a quarter of a kilometre long; as much as the ferry company puts on additional ferries they can’t cope. Some tourists have even missed their flight.


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