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Where to buy land and build on Isla Mujeres?

It is really very difficult to find prime land on Isla Mujeres nowadays. There is still land available, but finding the right lot in the right position and, of course, at the right price is quite challenging. We started buying land in 2002, when the island was a very different place, and needless to say, prices were very different too.

In those times, there was a wide choice of lots to choose from; now it is sufficiently difficult to find quality land on Isla Mujeres that we decided to look to invest in other parts of the world, and we are now building in Spain and northern Cyprus.

We still have four Luxury villas overlooking the bay to Cancun, each has its own private garden and pool. The land surrounding the properties is not particularly large, at 400 m2 each, but just the land that each property has is now valued at approaching $400,000 USD.

Once the land has been acquired, the next challenge is finding a good builder. There are some good builders on the island, but there are also some rouge builders; recommendation is the key, and then investing time in asking around amongst the people who have already built. In this way, you will learn who to avoid. 

There is a team of two, one who promotes and the other who is the builder, they have done some very bad work here on the Island. When those who have suffered at their hands have  tried to take legal action, they have been told by their lawyers that when it gets to court, they will both leave Mexico, and there is nothing that can be done, because neither is Mexican.

However, if you can avoid these pitfalls, it can be a very effective, not to mention cost-effective way of acquiring property on Isla Mujeres. There are two agents on the island who are trustworthy: Remax in particular and Mundaca, the others are to be avoided.

There are pitfalls, but with the right advice and a trustworthy builder, the end result can be a luxury Isla Mujeres property at a cost that is well below market value. This is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy their home part of the time and rent it out the rest of the time. Whilst there are many apartments, probably too many, there is a shortage of quality single units, resulting in a big market for Isla Mujeres luxury villa rentals. 

To illustrate how profitable this can be we rent, depending on the season, at $650 USD per night. We have two properties that are interconnected, and we already have rentals booked this year at $ 1,800 per night. Isla Mujeres always has, and always will be a prime destination because of the weather and the fact that crime is almost unheard of.


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