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Isla Mujeres property sales, post Coronavirus

It would have seemed reasonable that after the financial damage inflicted by lockdown that Isla Mujeres property sales would be on the floor, particularly sales of Isla Mujeres luxury homes, but from the reports we are getting quite the reverse seems to be true. They agents are reporting a level of demand of which they have not previously seen. The enquiries seem to be right across the board from small condos up to large Isla Mujeres properties. From what we can understand this is being driven by a very strong US market and low interest rates. It would appear that despite the strong market, there are many who don't have much faith in the future of the US property market and want to sell whilst they can, and re invest in property outside of the States. This is to some extent understandable, because wherever the market stands at the moment, at some point there has to be a very high price to pay for lockdown, many see this as the calm before the storm for the US property market. Just what that price will be we don't know, but it must come due to the very high levels of debt. In any event the indications are that this has benefited the Island. What many find frustrating is that they believe these harsh lockdowns were quite unnecessary. Of course, others say, not to lockdown would have been irresponsible and inhuman. The point made by those who disagree with lockdown, which is quite difficult to argue with, is this; compare the outcome of the virus and deaths between California and Florida, or for that matter those countries like Spain that had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and Sweden that didn't. For all the criticism Sweden has received by no locking down it still has far fewer death per million of population than Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UK and of course the US. An increase in Isla Mujeres property sales is clearly good for the Island, those who buy property tend to have work carried out on the property, which in turn creates work for local people.


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