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Tourism as affected by Covid

Unfortunately, the world continues to be fixated on Covid, which has had an enormous impact on tourism; throughout the world one million, people have lost their employment, in the tourism and travel industry. Governments have done a very good job of instilling fear into everyone.

It has recently emerged that the UK government have what they call, The Behavioural Science Team, where they use behavioural scientists to influence the public's behaviour. It has been strongly criticised and compared to tactics used in China. It is now being challenged in court. They have been very successful in brainwashing the public and of course, people don't know they have been brainwashed, otherwise, they wouldn't be.

So what is Covid? Covid is unpleasant but after all, Covid is the flu. It is not Dengue, which people seem to have forgotten has a 20% mortality rate or Malburg virus with a 50% mortality rate. This has been blown out of all proportionCovid kills people as does the flu, but not in over 99% of the cases. There has been much talk about Covid deaths, so what is a Covid death? A Covid death is calculated as follows; when someone enters hospital, for any reason, heart failure, stage four cancer, old age, even a road traffic accident they are given a Covid test if they die within twenty eight days of that test, they are recorded as a Covid death.

As we know most people who enter hospital with late stage cancer and heart failure often die within a relatively short time of being admitted. The real problem is not that we are being lied to by politicians and health officials but that so many people believe them, even after years of knowing that politicians lie, that's what they do.

So how has Covid impacted Mexico's tourism industry? In 2021 Mexico lost 37% of its tourism. If that sounds a lot, it is in fact

the only country in the world that has lost so little of its tourism. Some countries have lost far more, some up to 99% and it's devastating their economies but they continue with the restrictions. It is always worth bearing that whilst businesses and lives remain in tatters and people lose their homes, those who make these decisions have their incomes and pensions guaranteed for life.

The way Mexico has achieved this is by removing all Covid restrictions, so people don't have to worry about a PCR and the unvaccinated can enter without any problem. So with this total disregard for the nation's health, most of Mexico should be dropping dead, shouldn't they? Apparently not. They are dying of Dengue in increasing numbers but that doesn't help the mass Covid vaccination programme so it's brushed under the carpet.


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