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When compared with other Caribbean locations Isla Mujeres real estate is relatively inexpensive. At the moment there is quite a cost differential but that gap is predicted to narrow over the next two years and many believe that Isla Mujeres has so much to offer that the cost of buying Isla mujeres real estate will overtake that of buying a similar property elsewhere in the Caribbean.

One of the major attractions of Isla Mujeres is the tranquillity it offers; there are very few places in the world that are so safe and peaceful. Crime is almost unheard of and violent crime non existent, and that can't be said for most Caribbean destinations; there are not many holiday destinations where you can walk around at around at 2 -3 am completely risk free.

Certainly it is more expensive to build an Isla Mujeres luxury property than it is in Cancun but then the two locations whilst very close geographically are worlds apart in terms of what they have to offer. One important factor on Isla is the cost of land; there is now very little prime land left on the island. A small South point lot (150 square metres) just sold for $350,000. As a company we are fortunate in having to started to build our land bank back in 2002, which is when we first started to build Isla Mujeres real estate.

Even so the land cost is a major factor when it comes to calculating our costs. Also we build to European standards, which is a more expensive process but is what enables our Luxury homes to remain as new after many years and avoids all the problems with damp which is quite common occurrence in Mexico.

Overall buying a luxury villa on Isla Mujeres represents a tremendous investment opportunity, in part due to the expected significant rise in property values over the next few years but also due to the great renting potential; our luxury villas have a rental potential of between $500 - 700 usd per night; this is what makes Isla Mujeres real estate really attractive form an investment point of view.

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