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What to do on a day trip Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres may be small and peaceful but there is still plenty to do on this little island. Many of those who buy Isla Mujeres real estate, first come to the island on a day trip, organised by one of the Cancun hotels, and realise they have stumbled across a hidden gem. When alighting from the ferry if you are not feeling energetic you can just walk a few yards to the North beach which is the best beach on the island, with lots of white sand, bars and restaurants. You can just relax on the beach or walk five minutes to the centre. The main street Hidalgo is full of bars, restaurants and shops and it has hardly changed, and never lost its character, in the past 30 years.

For those who are feeling a little more energetic, the first thing they do is hire a golf cart and take a trip around the island, going up to the south point which is where a lot of the expensive Isla Mujeres real estate is located and then back down towards the centre on the (cliff top) Caribbean side of the Island. There are lots of bars and local restaurants where you can stop off along the way.

It is also worth a visit to Saj Bajo where the there is also some Isla Mujeres real estate worth seeing; on you way up to the South Point, when you come to Isla Mujeres Palace which is an all inclusive hotel, you turn right. After about a mile on your left you will find Villa Rolandi which is a luxury hotel. It's a great place to stop off for a drink or lunch. On a day trip you will still have some time for some snorkelling; the waters are crystal clear and you will see fish in some wonderful colours; Blue, green, orange and yellow and they are not the least bit shy; they swim right up to you to take a look.

There are endless other things you can do on Isla Mujeres but on a day trip if you want to take it easy, the golf cart trip around the island, some snorkelling and relaxing on the beach with some drinks, will probably be enough for one day. If you can stay around long enough, the sunsets are well worth staying for they are absolutely spectacular.

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