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Renting out your Isla Mujeres home

One of the great advantages of purchasing Isla Mujeres real estate is that you can have a beautiful home available to you for your holiday and weekends away and still if you wish, let it out for up to 200 nights a year. The demand is such that bookings for the peak season start a year earlier and by July August there is little left available for the Christmas period. Owning Isla Mujeres real estate not only gives you a perfect holiday destination but also a great investment return. Regardless of the type of property, going from the most basic accommodation to the top end of the market there is always someone to rent it.

We as a company have always opted to be in the luxury Isla Mujeres real estate market and it is not as some people imagine, renting is not just a way of getting your expenses and holiday flights covered; our properties rent at between $500.00 - $800.00 a night depending on the time of the year. So even after deducting all expensive it is quite realistic to expect a return of between $75,000 - $100,000 a year.

At one time Isla Mujeres had very few tourists in the summer months; during September Hidalgo the main street where all the bars and restaurants are located used to be empty. It is now very difficult to differentiate between the summer and winter months, in terms of number of visitors. Fifteen years ago there was very little demand for renting luxury Isla Mujeres Real estate, the visitors were mainly backpackers, so low cost hotels were the order of the day.

If anyone should think that between $500.00 - $800.00 ($800.00 an night is over the Christmas holiday) a night is expensive, then a look at the cost of luxury hotels on the Isla Mujeres quickly puts it into perspective; at Villa Rolandi you can pay $888.00 per night for a couple and the least expensive room is $700.00 but of course that is just one couple, our villas are three bedroom three bathroom, so for three couples in a quality hotel you are talking about $2,100.00 per night, not an insubstancial sum of money.

There is of course another factor not everyone wants to get up and dress for breakfast at a certain hour and when you are renting a villa you don't have to. Nor do many people want to eat out lunch and dinner, even if cost is not a factor it can get a bit much having to eat out all the time. Of course with a villa if you have children another option you have is to put the children to bed and sit on the terrace or by the pool in the evenings and relax.

So overall owning Isla Mujeres real estate not only gives you the ability to relax in one of the safest holiday locations in the world but the opportunity of an income that many people in the States don't earn working all year long.

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