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Why is Isla Mujeres such a popular holiday destination?

Over the past ten to twelve years tourism on Isla has increased very substantially, as has the purchase of Isla Mujeres real estate but why is this? After all there are many other beautiful Caribbean holiday destinations, which are also easily accessed from the United States. Certainly it is less expensive than many destinations although luxury Isla Mujeres real estate is going up in value in leaps and bounds and is expected to continue to do so, eclipsing other Caribbean locations; so what's the draw.

What draws so many people to Isla Mujeres is one thing above all else; peace and tranquillity, it must be without doubt one of the safest places in the world, crime is almost non existent and violent crime is completely non existent. So what crime is there on the island? Well if you left your window open next to the street and placed your laptop computer next to the window, someone might be tempted to reach in and update their old computer, but even then, not necessarily; it's a small island and everybody knows everybody.

We have learned over the fifteen years we have been building Isla Mujeres real estate that sometimes it is worth putting in some form of security in our new properties, not because it is needed but simply because those buying the properties find it hard to believe that you can live in a luxury Isla Mujeres home, without any form security, although this is understandable when there are so few places in the world where this applies.

For many it takes quite some getting used to, knowing that you can walk around the island at two or three am, without any fears or worries whatsoever. This tranquillity rubs of and in the fifteen years we have been developing on the Island none of us have ever seen any problems or conflicts even between tourists; the friendliness of the island is contagious.

Indeed there are many Americans and Canadians who arrived on Isla Mujeres many years ago and never left, literally never left, not even to cross to Cancun for a day out. We hear the same from Mexicans living on the island; they came to Isla Mujeres from less peaceful areas of Mexico and in eight or nine years have never left, not even to visit their home town.

Anyone choosing Isla Mujeres whether as a holiday destination or to buy Isla Mujeres real estate, you will be making a choice they won't regret, Isla Mujeres really is quite unique.

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