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Renting property on Isla Mujeres during the Christmas holiday

If you are planning to rent an Isla Mujeres property during the Christmas holiday it is essential to book early. The demand is such that by September there is virtually nothing available to rent and some years all the properties have been fully booked even earlier. Isla Mujeres real estate is a thriving market both for sales and rentals.

At first glance renting a three bedroom three bathroom home, with landscaped gardens and pool may appear rather expensive, in high season you would be looking at $800 per night. But then on closer examination it is in fact a far more economical way of spending a holiday on Isla Mujeres; A double room at Rolandi's hotel at Saj Bajo will cost over $800 per night, the difference being that a three bedroom luxury villa will accommodate six people rather than two and there are other benefits too.

Privacy is an important factor for some and when you have your own villa and pool you do enjoy complete privacy; with the pool to yourself and private areas to relax. Also you are not required to eat all your meals out, you can have breakfast at a time of your choosing, with the added bonus of not having to dress. Some don't like to eat all their meals in restaurants, others particularly those with children find it gets expensive eating out three times a day.

For those who have smaller children, they can give them their dinner put them to bed and then have a leisurely dinner and relax by the pool without having to worry about child minding services. Also if you are renting in South Point which is the exclusive residential end of the island (although still withing in easy reach of the bustling town centre), you enjoy complete tranquillity at night; there is virtually no passing traffic, it's very relaxing. As a rule we don't rent our luxury properties because they are for sale, although we do rent occasionally, just to cover some of the expenses. Those who rent seriously are letting their properties up to two hundred nights a year. Apart from being one of the most peaceful crime free areas in the world, that's another reason why people buy Isla Mujeres real estate; the earning potential from rentals is enormous.

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