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The Beauty of Isla Mujeres

For those who are not familiar with Isla Mujeres or have perhaps enjoyed just a fleeting visit, this drone video shot by the very talented youtuber calling himself EricsXtremeVideo, gives an excellent bird's eye view of the island's extraordinary beauty. In fact EricsXtremeVideo's numerous videos, which have been shot on many exotic locations all over the world, can be viewed on YouTube. They are all of the same excellent quality.

The video starts at the southern end of the island and then continues to give the some wonderful views of the whole island. Covering The north beach, the Caribbean side of the island and the town centre. There are a lot of under water shot's included in the video; snorkelling and diving is of course what brings many people to the island, this is where you will see fish in an amazing array of colours.

Needless to say it also covers some of Isla Mujeres quite spectacular sunsets.

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