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Crime in Mexico

crime scene photo

Something that is understandable yet quite unjustified is American and Canadian's concern about the crime in Mexico. Why is their concern unjustified? Because the major crime that exists in Mexico is related to the drug cartels and does not affect the tourist.

The cartels are unable to agree on territory which involves trying to kill off the opposition, which doesn't appear to be working. The press particularly in the States makes much of these killings and wildly exaggerate the risk to those outside of the drug trade.

Their reporting on these killings is relentless on the basis that bad news sells and nobody is interested in reading an article about how safe tourists in general are in Mexico.

There is a theoretical risk of walking down the road and getting caught in the crossfire but most of us after twenty years in Mexico have never seen a shooting. The risk of of a motorist loosing concentration and mounting the sidewalk and killing you would be significantly higher. Just as there is a theoretical risk of being killed in a plane crash but it doesn't stop people flying.

There are some parts of Mexico that are absolutely safe such as Isla Mujeres, where crime is virtually non existent. Tourists can walk around at 3 or 4 am and nothing will happen to them; it is absolutely peaceful. This why so many choose to retire on Isla Mujeres.

The reason that those who are often quite a way off retirement, choose to buy now is because prices have risen steeply and continue to rise. The price rises are governed by the cost of land which is driven by a shortage of good quality plots. Building on the island has more or less come to a stop.

Palm Beach has seen substancial price rises year on year, for the same reason; a shortage of land. The most practical solution for those who want to retire on Isla Mujeres in the future is to buy now and rent the property for part of the year. Rental prices have dropped over the past two years as there is now more competition, nevertheless $500.00 per night in high season, for a three bedroom home with a pool, sea views and landscaped gardens is a very competitive rental and easily achievable.

The owner still has available a holiday home in Paradise, whenever they can take the time off.

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