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Dining in Isla Mujeres.

There is so much choice when it comes to dining on Isla Mujeres. We have been building Isla Mujeres real estate for nearly twenty years and over that time probably tried every restaurant on Isla Mujeres. Generally the service is very good, unlike many countries where the service can be a bit patchy, Poor service is unusual in Mexico, probably because Mexicans are very patient.

Apart from the numerous restaurants you have to choose from there are also many street vendors offering a variety of Mexican fare. As you walk past the vendors the food smells really good and its tempting, but it's not without it’s risks; when you look a little closer at most stalls you will see that they have no proper washing facilites. Therefore washing up and hand washing is often carried out in the same water, that is often not changed.

Getting an upset stomach on holiday is very frustrating when we want to be enjoying ourselves. The solution with these conditions is to wait before eating and drinking again until it is completely cleared up. That’s the sensible thing to do but we get fed up with not being able to eat and drink and start again too soon. It can ruin the holiday, street vendors really are best avoided. Stick to restaurants with a clean kitchen. If you want to know if the kitchen is clean look at the windows; if the windows are dirty, the part you can see, the parts you can’t see won’t be clean.

Saj Bajo is where previously all the large very stylish Isla Mujeres luxury homes were located, built in the 70’s. and 80’s, unfortunately most have now been knocked down and replaced with large hotels and apartments, now Punta Sur is the favoured area for Isla Mujeres luxury homes. However this is where Villa Rolandi Hotel is located, it’s in a great position overlooking the bay to Cancun. It is a bit expensive but they do pizzas, so it doesn’t have to work out too pricey and is certainly worth a visit. There is also a Rolandi in the centre great if you have children because they also serve pizzas.

Los amigos have fresh fish, the food is excellent, but the seats are a bit uncomfortable. Dopi's is good quality and they serve excellent steaks.Mama Rosa is a very popular Italian restaurant with a nice terrace. All these restaurants apart from Villa Rolandi are in the main pedestrianised street in the centre; Hidalgo.

Don’t forget to take mosquito repellent, otherwise you will get bitten under the table.

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