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Coronavirus, are we being misled?

Whatever the doubts and unanswered questions surrounding Coronavirus, something that cannot be disputed is that economies throughout the world have been brought to their knees. Some will take many years to recover indeed many may never recover, so has the lockdown been worth it?

At the time of writing 335,135 have allegedly died from Coronavirus. Why allegedly? Well because many prominent specialists, health service employees and doctors are claiming that they are being pressured to show deaths as Coronavirus deaths when in fact they were patients who were already dying of conditions such as late-stage cancer and heart conditions. But why would governments want to inflate the number of Coronavirus deaths when this only served to prolong the lockdown period and further damage the economy?

It is surely inconceivable that a government would want to damage its own economy. There are many conspiracy theories and suspicions particularly with regard to Anthony Fauci and many wonder why a US government employee is allowed to hold patents. But even for someone who is not a conspiracy theorist, wouldn't they have to admit there is something very strange going on, with so many more questions than answers?

Why isn't more attention being given to Sweden, where they have opted not to lockdown? In Sweden people are working, when they can from home, if not they are going into work. Bars, restaurants and shops are open They haven't ruined their economy like other countries, although of course they will still be affected because we live in a global economy.

Sweden has been called irresponsible by some for causing unnecessary deaths. So let us look at that for the moment:

Deaths per million of population.

Sweden 384

France 432

UK 531

Italy 537

Spain 598

Belgium 795

Just how irresponsible have they been? Where countries have a low contagion rate due to the lockdown, many experts are predicting that there will be an increase in cases when the restrictions are eased. Well of course, but what are they going to do then lockdown again and instead cause death by starvation, allowing anarchy to take over? One only has to look at the current eviction rate in the US, it was very high and rising before lockdown it is now through the roof, people can't feed their children. US jobless claims are now at 38.6 million.

Scientists at Imperial College London say that Coronavirus is not under control in much of the US and warned that relaxing the lockdowns further now, could result in another surge in deaths. Of course we must not forget that Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College told the British government that if they followed Sweden's model and didn't impose a strict lockdown they would kill 500,000 people in the UK. Really? Then suddenly with no explanation, it was changed to 200,000.

So what has become of Professor Ferguson is he now on his way to a Knighthood? Well not really, he was fired as a government adviser for breaking the lockdown rules and travel restrictions, when caught having an affair with his married lover. The very same rules which he said if not strictly observed would kill millions.

In the end, governments will have to allow the virus to take its course. It is known that for otherwise healthy people the risks are so minimal as not to be considered. People will die that is inevitable but let us not forget that the official World Health Organisation figures are that each year seasonal flu kills between 290,000 and 650,000 people. Even if we rather unwisely believe the official Coronavirus death toll of just over 335,000, we still have some way to go to reach the death toll in the years when there was a particularly virulent seasonal influenza, and yet none of us can remember the world economies collapsing in those years.

Will historians of the future look back and deem lockdown to be the gravest error ever committed by world governments?. We have no way of knowing the truth at the moment, we are being misled every step of the way, we know something is wrong and that's about all. For the moment all we can say, as Alice said in Alice in Wonderland "Curiouser and Curiouser"

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