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Property rental bookings are increasing

After the low point of a few months ago, rentals of Isla Mujeres homes are on the increase. During the latter part of February booking were cancelled by those fearing a lockdown and continued to be cancelled until recently. there is however still a lot of people who are afraid to travel or mix with people for fear of being struck down by what they still seem to see as a deadly virus.

However, it is a bit of a mystery as to why people see this as different from any other influenza, but certainly, a fear-mongering press has not helped. We know that up to 650.000 people die each year from seasonal flu, at the time of writing there are 814,000 recorded coronavirus deaths, however, we know this figure has been grossly exaggerated; many doctors have now spoken out as to how they have been pushed into showing deaths as coronavirus deaths when in fact they were patients dying from late-stage cancer, and many other conditions. Now the figures are starting to be released of the number of people who have died not of coronavirus but because of coronavirus.

Many have concluded that it is a conspiracy, but it is probably no more than governments trying to justify their flawed lockdown policy. Of course, the day of reckoning will come because they are going to have to explain to their citizens why they have ruined so many businesses, people's lives and children's future, when as Sweden is proving that a drastic lockdown is unnecessary and there is mounting evidence that lockdown hasn't worked in any country. It is now becoming clear, that by trying to sweep a virus under the carpet with lockdowns only serves to exacerbate the problem, at the time of writing Spain, after one of the strictest lockdowns in the world has 5,800 new daily cases, whilst Sweden (adjusted for the population has 814).

Interestingly now that some of the panic has subsided there are new enquiries from those who are looking to buy Isla Mujeres real estate, Punta Sur is proving to be very popular with those looking to buy luxury Isla Mujeres homes. However, there is something for everyone; many of those on a lower budget like to buy in the Colonia where the locals live, and they very much enjoy the friendly Mexican atmosphere. Others like to live near the centre where it is quite feasible to reside without a car of a golf cart, as everything you could want, beach, bars, and restaurants are close to hand.

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