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Is a Isla Mujeres holiday expensive?

It can be quite expensive to holiday in Isla Mujeres, it really depends on how you do it. Probably the most expensive holiday is to stay in a hotel, for two reasons; Firstly because you have to eat most of your meals out, which is not only expensive but some become bored with having to eat out all the time. When you are on holiday you want to do things at a leisurely pace, so having to get up and be ready on time for breakfast can become tiresome. Especially when you rush down for breakfast and they have stopped serving it.

The least expensive holiday and by far the most practical is to rent a holiday home, there are many reasons for this; if for example, three couples are going on holiday or two couples with children, one of our luxury Isla Mujeres properties a private pool at this time of the year rents for $300.00 per night. For three couples, it works out to $350.00 per person to spend a week in luxury, which by any measure is not expensive.

When couples go on holiday with children, it can be great fun spending time with the children but children get tired. Rather than having to finish the evening early to put the children to bed, in a villa, on a day the children are looking tired, you can cook, or get food delivered, put the children to bed and the parents can relax by the pool.

When it comes to getting food delivered, there are some excellent options; when there are children and even when there are not Oscar's Grill has excellent pizzas. For fresh fish, there is nowhere better than La Justicia de Don Pino, they deliver and are not expensive. The restaurant is owned by a fisherman, so there is fresh fish every day unless the weather is bad. You can also visit, it is not far from Chedraui. It's quite basic and sometimes noisy but they are friendly and welcoming. The other advantage is that you don't have to drive to the center.


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