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Time to open your eyes

To many coincidences over the past three years, and yet, and this is really surprising (but for an isolated few) people are not questioning just what is really going on in the world, and why? Those who did were called conspiracy theorists.

Firstly we had the killer virus Covid. Well, the reality is Covid has a 1%% mortality rate for most people, perhaps it was sensible for those in vulnerable groups to get vaccinated, perhaps. However, anyone who lives in or regularly visits Mexico would be better off looking at the mortality rate of Dengue Fever and then asking themselves why they rushed out and got vaccinated.

We had Lockdown which people obediently obeyed, again rarely questioning the sense of trying to stop a virus from spreading by locking everyone in their homes, ignoring the enormous economic, and social damage caused to our children's mental and physical health, which will play out over the years to come. Those who questioned the sense in lockdown were called granny killers.

Then working from home, which in its own way will cause tremendous social damage, did they forget that the reason many people go into work is for social interaction? No, they didn't forget, this is all about isolating people.

We were forced to wear masks without a scrap of medical or scientific research to support it, and a considerable amount of evidence regarding the risks caused by the plastic particles being drawn into the lungs. Those who chose not to take the risk of unknown long-term damage to their lungs were scowled at as they walked down the street.

The so-called vaccine, why did people trust it? Why didn't they do what is entirely normal before embarking on a medical procedure? Investigate. For example, want to know about the safety and efficacy of the treatment, ask about the trials and question whether the vast sums of money involved had anything to do with these treatments being pushed into production with indecent haste. Anyone who has any doubts about just how reliable and honestly the trials were carried out should read the Lancet report on the Pfizer vaccine trials. Those who dared to question the safety and efficacy of the vaccines were called Covid idiots.

Then we had the lunacy of vaccinating children, why would anyone do that? Children were never at risk from Covid, so how did they justify it, well they didn't, if you notice not one medical or scientific expert came up with a logical reason why you should vaccinate children, What a shame when they have all their lives in front of then and we don't know what the long term consequence may be. At the moment we are seeing damage in the short termto, what do we have to look forward


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