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Daily visitors to Isla Mujeres

How things have changed, for Isla Mujeres and the whole world, well apart from Sweden where they are only expected to experience a 0.6 drop in their economy. But we are not talking about that, because lockdown was the way to go and that will now be defended till the end; never mind that there was no scientific evidence to support it

Many talk of conspiracy theories, of a coordinated plan between world governments but that is probably giving too much credit to politicians, most of whom couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery. They went to war with a wooden sword and we will now all pay the price, but not them; their salaries and pensions are guaranteed for life.

Up until recently, Ultramar was transporting up to 30,000 people per day to and from Isla Mujeres. This is good business for Ultramar the question is, is this good for Isla Mujeres as a whole? The general feeling seems to be that it is not. The visitors are generally day-trippers who arrive at North Beach to spend the day and do little for the island's economy, as they tend to bring their own food and refreshments with them. There are also many complaints about the rubbish left behind at the end of the day.

Golf car rental companies do derive some benefit from those who rent a golf cart for a few hours to tour the island but there are also concerns regarding the number of golf carts and the amount of pollution and noise created by these golf carts circulating the Island. Anyone who drives on the island will also know that they can be extremely hazardous, suddenly swerving or doing u-turns without warning.

As the Northern end of the Island becomes busier the favourite now for those who buy or rent quality property is Punta Sur. At one time Saj Bajo was without question the leader when it came to luxury homes but as some of the older homes have been knocked down and condominiums and hotels built, it has lost some of its charm and increased the traffic on the Saj Bajo road that used to be relatively free from traffic.

As we know nothing stays the same, everything changes, when we first started building on Isla Mujeres there was no Ultramar ferry just the old Magana ferries that used to chug back and forth from Puerto Juarez, sometimes breaking down and rarely on time. Most of the time there were just locals using the service.

At the time there were very few cars on the Island and certainly, no luxury vehicles, the smartest restaurant in the centre, which was luxurious by comparison was Rolandi. The island was frequently visited by backpackers. There have been many changes since then, but Isla has never lost its original charm.

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