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Isla mujeres beaches

Isla Mujeres has some beautiful beaches, which are perfect for those staying in hotels and Isla Mujeres rentals, properties to relax and enjoy themselves during their stay. There is however a problem which is causing some visitors to think twice about spending their winter holiday on Isla Mujeres; it has over recent years become increasing difficult for those looking for relaxation, to find a quiet spot on the beach, or indeed to find a spot at all. The source of the problem is the Mexicans who flock to Isla Mujeres' beaches at the weekends, leaving little room for anyone else. Of course, everyone has a right to visit whatever beach they choose but it has reached the stage where it is actually damaging the island. Thousands of Mexicans are arriving at the weekend, especially on Sundays, to spend the day on the beach. If anyone wondered how there can be so many people from Cancun wishing to use Isla Mujeres beaches when they have perfectly good beaches in Cancun, there is an explanation; they are not from Cancun, some are of course. People are being bussed in from far afield to spend the day on Isla Mujeres. This may be good business for Ultramar but provides almost zero benefit, to the bars and restaurants on the Island, as it is customary for them to bring their own food and alcohol. There is also sometimes a certain amount of unruly behaviour and on leaving at the end of the day many leave all their rubbish on the beach. The question is should something be done about this so that the beaches can be for the use of the locals and those who are vacationing on the island. The answer is almost certainly yes, will anything be done, almost certainly not. We are renting luxury Isla Mujeres holiday homes at $500 pert night, those who rent luxury properties bring a lot of money and employment to the island and it seems a shame that they have to keep away from the beach on Sundays. We have had complaints from renters, we try and prepare them for this by saying in our welcome pack that it is a good idea to enjoy the beaches during the week and spend the weekends at the property by the pool.


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