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Isla Mujeres Rentals

At long last the Isla Mujeres rental market has taken off; there have been many bookings throughout what was traditionally the low season, and now many forward bookings for the coming high season. Prices are slowly recovering but still lower than they were. It is still competitive when it comes to price, presumably because owners are keen to get their property rented and recover some of the losses that occurred during lockdown. Those who are not familiar with the island find it hard to imagine the amount of maintenance required in order to keep a property in good condition. Rentals stopped for the period when fear was at its maximum, but the maintenance required did not.

When rentals first started again we had lots of cancellations; people would read that there was a case of Covid on the island and were thrown into a panic, resulting in them cancelling their holiday and going back to hiding under the duvet. Now people are starting to realise that Covid is here to stay and that they are not going to avoid it, especially not if they are double vaccinated. We went through a very difficult period where those who work for us and carry out maintenance all had Covid at the same time, needless to say, they were all double vaccinated. We are told that if you are double vaccinated you suffer less if you catch Covid, really? The Mayo Clinic recently published this, "Man who died of Covid suffered less because he was double vaccinated", That's nice to know, we can all sleep easy.

Isla Mujeres homes for sale, also suffered during this period because there were those who wanted to start viewing properties but couldn't get to the Island, even now flights are not back to normal. One million workers lost their job in the travel and hospitality sector. We understand that recently there has been a surge of prospective buyers who want to invest in property but are not confident about the future of the US property market, making buying an Isla Mujeres home the ideal choice; a region so close to the States, so peaceful and being an Island it is quickly running out of property and land to build, which is always good news for the future values of Isla Mujeres real estate.


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