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The reasons people buy on Isla Mujeres

There is no single reason why people buy property on Isla Mujeres, and why in particular so many Isla Mujeres luxury homes are sold. Those who buy high-end homes tend to be (although not exclusively) the super-rich and they have a tendency to be concerned about security, and where could be more secure than Isla Mujeres? There are not many places in the world where you can walk around the streets at 2 and 3 am without a thought for your safety.

There is no single type of client who buys Isla Mujeres property but a lot fall into the category of those who are still very much engaged in their businesses back home and are well aware that they will for the moment only be able to spend limited time on the island. Therefore the very healthy returns that can be earned from vacation rentals are very appealing as it means that all their holidays can be paid for and all the necessary property maintenance, yet still provide a surplus after paying for those. The reasons for buying an Isla Mujeres home are usually twofold, or even threefold; to enjoy holidays and weekends, to rent out when not using the property and of course, it is many purchasers dream that it will eventually become their retirement home. Even in retirement when living permanently in their Isla Mujeres property many continue to occasionally let their property; they take the view that if someone rents their home for two weeks for over $4,000, that provides enough for a very nice trip to somewhere, almost anywhere, in the world. Buying an Isla Mujeres villa always has and always will be an excellent investment; the first home we built on Isla Mujeres twenty years ago sold for $195.000, the second for $220,000, and the third for $435,000. The third we sold 15 years ago, the owner has recently put it on the market for $1,375,000,000. Over $62,000 of profit for each year they have enjoyed their home, that is apart from all the occasions they let it out before they were retired. Should we have kept the home and rented it out rather than selling it, of course, but then it is easy after the event to see these things. Indeed we should have kept all the Isla Mujeres villas we built, but who could have known? In those days there was still land available, now it's all gone so we can expect values to increase at an even faster rate


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