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What are the pros and cons of living in Punta Sur

If you are at the southern end of Isla Mujeres overlooking the bay of Cancun one very clear advantage is protection in the event of a major hurricane. The Caribbean side of the Island has lots of advantages and many Americans and Canadians own property there, but those properties do tend bear the brunt of a hurricane.

Our properties have always been on the side of the Island that faces Cancun and since we started building Isla Mujeres homes, we have weathered hurricane Wilma in 2005, which was category five and now Delta which was quite mild compared with previous hurricanes. We have never sustained any major damage, apart from some water damage with Wilma. Of course, we have been helped by the fact that we have anti hurricane glass, and build to European standards but it is mainly because all the large windows face away from the hurricane.

In this region, because of lack of funds, many local people build as economically as possible and often these are the properties that suffer the most when there is a hurricane. Those that have suffered damage this time have found the problem compounded by the fact that everything has been shut down due to coronavirus. This attempt to sweep the virus under the carpet, only to watch it remerge again once lockdown ends, has caused an enormous amount of unemployment and hardship on the Island and it's difficult to imagine where the funds will come from to rebuild.

So, what other advantages does Punta Sur have, a major advantage is the peace and tranquillity; this is the place for a relaxing holiday or retirement. Mostly the Isla Mujeres homes for sale in the area are luxury properties. Those who own or holiday here generally spent the day in Punta Sur and then go into the bustling town centre to dine in the evening. Nevertheless, some may consider this to be a disadvantage; not having restaurants within walking distance, although in reality that would mean being in the town centre and there are virtually no luxury homes with pools for sale or rent in the town centre.

For most people, the peacefulness of the area wins out and there are many restaurants that deliver, Oscar's Grill is one of them which is ten minutes in a golf cart from Punta Sur. They do great pizzas especially useful if you have children, you don't have to worry about ordering them an expensive dish and then watch them leave half of it, something most of us have experienced. Oscars Grill +52 998 888 0916. Another excellent restaurant is La Justicia de Don Pino +52 998 148 7249, you don't have to go right into the town centre and as it is owned by a fisherman, so you will get the best fresh fish on the island. It's basic a restaurant that many locals use, they like to close at 8.30pm, it's well worth a visit. JA1809

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