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Are there disadvantages for those who live on the South Point of Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres Punta Sur

If you own Isla Mujeres real estate on the Southern part of Isla Mujeres which is considered the most exclusive part of the island, you will have already noticed that the bulk of the restaurant are in the island’s town centre. Sometimes one just doesn’t feel like getting ready and going into town and amongst all the advantages of having your Isla Mujeres real estate located on the most peaceful and relaxing part of the island, if there is a downside it is access to a good choice of restaurants.

However there are restaurants that are much nearer and they also deliver, not just deliver but deliver good quality food. Oscar’s Grill which is about half way between South point and the town centre will deliver and is open from 9 am until midnight, they serve excellent pizzas. +52 998 888 0916.

Rolandi’s Pizzaria which is in the town centre has a very good reputation for it’s pizzas and they have a proper wood burning oven, always good value for money +52 998 877 0430. Also the restaurant at Rolandi’s hotel which is at Saj Bajo, is truly excellent, it is a wonderful setting overlooking the water. It is quite pricey as you would expect as it is a hotel where you will pay $888.00 per night for a room, it is nevertheless extremely busy.

Apart from this slight inconvenience of not having a restaurant nearby The Southern end of the Island is without doubt the place to own or rent Isla Mujeres real estate. During the day there is some traffic but in the evening it becomes so peaceful and there is nothing better that sitting by the pool on a warm evening, with a drink in your hand and relaxing conversation.

Many of those who have bought Isla Mujeres real estate have done so planning to eventually retire on isla and use it as their permanent home; often selling their main property in the States and buying a small apartment there so there is still contact with the children and grandchildren. What better way to spend your retirement, relaxing and watching the value of your Isla Mujeres real estate soar in value.

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