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Is Isla Mujeres luxury property a good investment?

Investing in Isla Mujeres property in general is a good investment but investing in a Isla Mujeres luxury home is a particularly good investment, as increasingly the wealthy are visiting Isla Mujeres. During the fishing season, when the rich and super-rich, come down to the island in their luxury yachts, you have a high concentration of the very wealthy, some of whom look for a base on Isla Mujeres. During the music festival in February, the island is on the whole visited by the record music bosses and their guests.

One of the things that makes high-end Isla Mujeres real estate attractive is that it is still inexpensive compared with other Caribbean islands. Not to mention very safe; we have been building selling and renting property on the island for over twenty years and never had a break-in. We have cameras on our properties but that is so that the owners can keep an eye on their properties from the States or wherever they happen to be in the world, it is one of the few places where it is safe.

Then there is the rental aspect; for those who buy a property and don't intend to live there permanently, there is the opportunity to rent it out when not there. Renting a vacation home at the southern end of the island, Punta Sur where our rental properties are located, can bring the best of both worlds; peace and tranquillity during the day, with the option of the lively town center in the evenings. When owners retire, they often choose Isla Mujeres as their retirement home. Some retirees still rent out their luxury home and with $5,000 from a two-week rental, go on a very nice holiday.

From an investment viewpoint, Isla Mujeres Real Estate has proved an extremely good bet; whilst properties throughout the world have from time to time experienced some very big fluctuation Isla Mujeres property has not experienced the same instability; holding prices in a downturn and enjoying significant growth during upturns. This is also partly because being a small island, there is no more prime land available.


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