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Isla Mujeres - which side of the island to buy luxury property- and where to find the best doctor on the island

There are three options when it comes to buying luxury property on Isla Mujeres. The first is Saj Bajo, traditionally an exclusive part of the island where substantial colonial-type homes, have been built. Recently however a number of these homes, many of which were built in the 1970s and '80s, have been knocked down and apartment blocks and a large hotel put in their place, which has made the area a lot busier.

Then there is the Caribbean side of the island, there are some very large luxury homes on that side of the island, many Americans like that side of the island; it can have a light breeze that cools things down and keeps the mosquitos away, in the hurricane season however it is the most exposed and vulnerable to damage.

We have our properties on the other side of the island at Punta Sur, which is the most protected side of the island of the island, overlooking the bay to Land has always been very expensive here, and now there are no more building lots available on this part of the island.

Our properties are sited on 400 m2 lots, which is not particularly large, enough for a spacious home, gardens and a swimming pool. If those lots were available today, they would cost in the region of $400,000 each. Isla Mujeres property on this side of the island is therefore expensive, but it is the most sought-after and exclusive part of Isla Mujeres.

When writing these blogs, we mention Dr Greta Shorey, as even though she has been practising medicine on the island for many years, many Americans and Canadians are not aware of her existence. We know from our guests' comments that they are often not entirely comfortable being treated by Mexican doctors. Greta, who is a highly trained and experienced English doctor, came to Isla Mujeres to carry out voluntary work with the Red Cross after Hurricane Gilberto in 1988 and stayed. Her purpose here is to treat and support the locals, who often cannot afford to pay for treatment and medicines. Nevertheless, she is happy to treat visitors to the island. Sometimes, because of the attention she gives to each patient, it involves a wait before being seen, but then she gives the patient all the time they need. Her surgery is not difficult to find, it's not far from Oscar's Restaurant. Her telephone or WhatsApp is +52 998 402 6874.

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