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Is Airbnb overpriced?

There has been a lot in the press recently stating that Airbnb has become overpriced, and people are returning to hotels because it is more economical. Of course, this presumes that those who holiday are all looking for economy. Many particularly when it comes to Isla Mujeres are looking for a luxury Islas Mujeres home where they can relax and enjoy their privacy. This comes at a price which many are prepared to pay.

If we consider for the moment that that many who come to Mexico are looking for economy, it is difficult to see the logic in the argument that it is more economical to book a hotel. We rent Isla Mujeres villas with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, lush, landscaped gardens, and private pool for $300.00 USD per night.

This is $50.00 per person per night, the cost of a hostel, or even if you look at it as a cost per couple, $100.00 USD per night does not get you a luxury hotel. But of course, the cost of the room per night is not the only factor when it comes to cost; you then have the cost of eating out. There are all inclusive hotels and some people do enjoy eating breakfast lunch and dinner in the same place, but many do not.

Eating out every day can become expensive and approaching ruinous for a family of four. Many of those who holiday tire of continuously eating out and want to dine by the pool some evenings, or simply order a pizza. Getting up every morning to eat breakfast in a hotel dining room is not to everyone's taste, after all being on holiday should mean that you don't have to do what you do most of the year, i.e. get dressed and get up in time for breakfast. Many have had the experience when staying in a hotel of having to set the alarm to be in time before the restaurant closed the breakfast session, or indeed seeing the staff mildly irritated at a late arrival and feeling pressured.

Overall enjoying the freedom of your own villa, having your own timetable, and choosing when you eat seems to win. That is why many choose to buy an Isla Mujeres home, earning income when it is let out and having it available for holidays and weekends away.


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