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Where is the best place to buy land on Isla Mujeres

It is not really a question of where the best place is to buy land on Isla Mujeres but where is there land still left to buy. Demand has been such, from people buying up prime land to have their luxury Isla Mujeres villas built that there is very Little quality land available and when there is, it is very expensive. There was a time when land was spoken of as costing so many USD per square metre, depending on the area, now vendors are asking virtually what they want and getting it.

Property that is in the area known as The Colonia, where previously there was little demand, is now being sold at a Premium. The Colonia is where the locals live, some of the properties are nice others are little more than shacks. The streets tend to rather full of litter but some Americans like it because it is a Mexican atmosphere others buy there because that is the only way they can own an Isla Mujeres home. Whatever the reason The Colonia like the whole of Isla Mujeres is completely safe at any hour of the day.

There is the Caribbean side of Isla Mujeres where there is still some land available to be purchased. Some Americans like it but it is not without it’s disadvantages. The wind is more or less constant which can at times be refreshing during the hot summers but of course the season is during the winter months, were a light breeze is more agreeable than strong winds.

Due to the strong winds and the high salt content, Windows really need to be cleaned every day. And when it comes to landscaping there is Little that can grow that doesn't get burnt by the salt. If there should be a hurricane that is the very vulnerable part of the island; where the hurricane hits first. During the last hurricane in in 2005, some Caribbean home were devastated.

On the other side of Isla Mujeres which overlooks the bay towards Cancun and is very protected, is where the majority of luxury Isla Mujeres real estate is located. Beautiful landscaped gardens can be cultivated and this is where the prime Isla Mujeres real estate is located. There are some luxury properties for sale but land for sale is almost non existent, either because it has all been sold or those who own the land don’t want to sell, as they know that as available land becomes more difficult to find, the value is increasing year on year.

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