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Isla Mujeres Renting

Some potential buyers ask about leaving there Isla Mujeres property empty for long periods, whilst waiting for that long-awaited retirement when they can live on Isla Mujeres permanently. Firstly Isla Mujeres is extremely safe, we have been building luxury Isla Mujeres homes since 2002 and have never had a home broken into. With our current development at Punta Sur, which is the quietest part of the island the properties are equipped with cameras. This, however, is not for security reasons although they are recording twenty-four hours and are monitored by a security company, it really just to monitor the staff when we are not on the island and to make sure our high standards are maintained. So if security is was what prompted the question, that is not a worry on Isla Mujeres.

If what prompts the potential buyer to ask the question is in relation to leaving the home empty and perhaps a pipe bursting or some other incident. We have our own cleaning and maintenance staff who will look after the new owner's property relatively inexpensively. It is true that properties do need to be checked and aired on a regular basis and there are also the gardens and pools to attend to and you can't do that from a distance.

The concern could be in relation to the cost of maintaining a home for a number of years just using at weekends and holidays but paying maintenance all year round. This is where renting comes in, there have been a number of new luxury Isla Mujeres homes built of late, so there is more competition and nightly rates have dropped. Nevertheless, you would still expect an average rental of $400 USD a night. There is a lot of demand over the holiday periods and when the annual music festival is held here.

Should anyone think $400 per night is a lot, our luxury homes accommodate six guests, divided between six it is about $67 dollars per person, per night. If you then compare that with the luxury hotel Zoetry where a double room costs $800 per night, it starts to appear very inexpensive, hence the reason people are happy to pay it. This allows you to own Isla Mujeres luxury real estate, and have your maintenance costs and your flights and holidays on the island covered by rental income.

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